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Smartphony the Game, by Stuff and Res

Review by James Sweet

The excellent has recently launched, accompanied by a flurry of prize giving. As a result of this I found myself the lucky owner of a copy of Smartphony the game.

As I never win ANYTHING I was suitably pleased, even though I hadn�t managed to win that lovely developer phone. �Oh well� I thought, �might be a bit of fun.� It turned out though that Smartphony the Game was rather better than anticipated�

The game arrived to me in the form of a CAB file, rather than a windows installer, but this shouldn�t cause too much concern to most Smartphone owners. The menu screens look nice and pretty, and are accompanied by a cool little background soundtrack.


Onto the gameplay itself! If you have ever played the old Sega columns game then this will be very familiar to you. I must have missed this one in back in the day, so to me this all new. When you start a game you are presented with a tetris style grid and columns of three assorted shapes drop from the top. Your job is to arrange these columns in such a way as to make lines of 3 or more of the same shape, either horizontally, vertically of diagonally. The columns are moved around with the D-pad/joystick. If you press down the column drops to the bottom, and if you create any lines then they disappear, leaving the shapes above to fall down into their place. After a couple of (short) games I realised that you can also rotate the order of the shapes in the column by pressing up. That�s about all there is to it.

The game keeps getting faster and faster as you go up levels (the music gets faster too), until finally you will end up with a full grid and nowhere to put the next column. At this point the game will end, presenting you with the opportunity to enter your name into a high score list. It�s a winning forumula: easy to pick up, and pretty addictive too.

It�s a winning forumula: easy to pick up, and pretty addictive too.

The graphics are very nicely done. One cool feature of this game is the ability to select one of three different themes to play on, each with its own graphics and music soundtrack. You can chose from blocks, classic or cubes themes. All the sound effects fit in well also. When you get to the high score input screen then the main theme plays (albeit at a slower rate) giving a nice come down after a mad game.



All in all a great little game that you will get a lot of fun out of. It�s a fairly simple game with few options, but is slickly presented. For the tiny price that is being asked for this title you�d be mad to pass it by.


Colourful graphics with three different themes
Excellent soundtracks accompany each theme
Lots of game options
Fun to play


Can�t use back/home keys to quickly switch to another app
Not the most original of games

Smartphony the Game scores 7/10


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