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Done in 50 Seconds, by Aim productions

Review by James Sweet

I�m a sucker for puzzle games. I�ll admit that now before we even get started. Done in 50 seconds looked like just the type of game I love, and having completed the excellent Boxy Pocket by Stuff long ago I was hungry for a new challenge.


Done in 50 Seconds arrives as a windows installer and was simple enough to get going. A rocky theme tune and a nice ripple effect title screen greet you upon loading making a great first impression. Clicking a key presents you with the go-kart themed menu screen, with options to select the level (assuming you have completed the prior levels,) start the level, see a help and about page or quit the game. Of course having got this far it would be a bit pointless to choose anything other than �start�.

This game is about stealing cars from parking lots, but is made difficult by the placement of the other cars. Your job is to move the cars about until you are in a position to get all the cars you want out the exits. Another twist is provided in the form of a timer, meaning you only have a limited amount of time before the cops arrive to haul you away.


When you start a level you are given a description of the mission ahead, detailing what cars need �relocating� and how much time you have to do it. Then you are away! You are presented with a parking lot with an assortment of cars strewn around: the ones you want will be flashing until moved for the first time. Moving the cars around is simple enough for even the least savvy of car thieves, as you just move the cursor to the car to be shunted and click the front of the car to move forward and the rear to move backward. The car will then move until it meets an obstacle.

After a bit of shuffling cars back and forth you should be able to manoeuvre your target cars(s) to the exits, and finish the level. Then you are presented with your time for the level, and proceed back to the menu where the next level will be unlocked. Should you be too slow with in your hotwiring attempts then you will instead see a picture of an unlucky guy (you) behind bars, and hear �what you talking �bout, I didn�t steal no car� in a cockney type accent. This is a nice little amusing touch.

Should you be too slow with in your hotwiring attempts then you will instead see a picture of an unlucky guy (you) behind bars...

This game looks good and sounds good. I did tend to find the music a bit annoying after a while and it also seems to drown out the other sound effects, so you might want to turn it off. The levels themselves I found rather easy, which is probably my main criticism. Until you get to about level 45 or so you can pass the levels by just moving the cars in a fairly obvious fashion until the level is complete. After that though they get a fair bit better. I still can�t for the life of me get past level 59 though!


If you�ve completed all 60 of the levels included in the game then there is a level editor included which allows you to make your own levels. Simply press 5 on the main menu to access the user levels, and then 2 to enter the editor. I won�t explain how the intricacies of editing levels, but it is easy enough to work out for yourself. The levels you create are saved in a folder on your phone, so there is nothing stopping you sending user levels to other Done in 50 Seconds owners. All in all I feel it is a very nice addition, and gives the potential to extend the life of the game beyond the package.



This game is a must for every puzzle junkie, benefiting from snazzy graphics and sound effects and is very easy to pick up. It is nicely adapted to the phone�s smaller screen and keypad controls. 60 levels are included, but you may find them a bit too easy in general. This is compensated for by the inclusion of a level editor. Done in 50 Seconds is a superb quality game that is lots of fun, and which I have no hesitation in recommending.


High quality graphics
Level editor
Lots of fun to anyone who likes puzzle games


Many levels are too easy
Background music can be annoying

Done in 50 Seconds scores 8/10


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