Ratings Breakdown

Ratings Breakdown

Newer reviews on SmartGamer are generally broken down into three sections: Graphics, Sound and Gameplay. At the bottom of each review, you can find a quick summary of the three sections, along with individual scores. Below is a quick explanation of the overall scoring system used on SmartGamer.  Print it out, paste it on the wall, or even make a small shrine out of it - use it as a key when reading our reviews.

10 Excellent Games in this category are the cream of the crop. Even those who detest the genre will get enjoyment out of this game, and this will probably be the game you show off your Pocket PC with.  
9 Superb Highly recommended; only a few minor flaws hold them back from perfection. Nearly anyone will have a lot of fun with games of this score, and they are generally guaranteed buys.  
8 Very Good Usually worth at least a demo download if available, but something just keeps it from being awesome. A highly respectable score nonetheless.  
7 Good While fans of the genre will like these games, others are highly recommended to try it out first, as it's not necessarily a sure thing.  
6 Decent Just a step above the rest, the ratio of good to bad is nearly even, but has a couple of cool features.  
5 Average A run of the mill performance. Nothing to praise or to really complain about. There are probably more interesting games to spend your dollar on.  
4 Mediocre Nothing to call home about. You're usually better off finding a similar game to spend your time with. Some may find redeeming qualities, but on the whole, it's weak.  
3 Bad For hardcore fans only, there are generally huge problems with all of the aspects of the game, and it's probably a safe bet that you won't like it.  
2 Awful Don't expect anything good out of these. It probably has one saving grace, but it might as well be a 1 otherwise.  
1 Appalling For the sadistic only! You won't find any redeeming qualities here and would have far more fun stabbing yourself in the eye with a [rusty] fork.  


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