C550 Games Compatibility List

Owing to the C550's high resolution screen, the majority of Smartphone games will not work correctly on it, tending to be reduced in size and confined to the centre of the display. This page contains a list of the games which, as far as I am aware, work as they should.

If you notice any dodgy links or errors, do please send me an email. If you'd like to suggest a game to be added to this list, please email me or post it in the forums.

Amazingly simple to play - Unbelievably hard to put down! One of the rare games that you can play all day 'just one more go' at a time. Choose from a relaxing and absorbing easy game, or a frantic timed game, as you tap adjacent pairs of gems to swap them and make matching horizontal and vertical lines of three or more. Strictly speaking, this game isn't QVGA, but the developer has taken this into account and added a bezel, which is close enough. ;-)
$14.95, by Astraware

Buzzz! is a fairly simple game - the play area is divided into a series of targets corresponding to number keys. As a fly enters the target, you push the key to eat it. More fun on the Pocket PC, I think, but with more chance of wearing out your screen!
$9.95, by Astraware

Crazy Daisy
According to the blurb, Crazy Daisy has "three modes of play; Arcade where you compete against the clock to match petals before time runs out; Endless mode, a relaxing game just perfect for a Summer's day in the garden, and Puzzle mode; take your time, plan your moves and maximise your score."

Like Bejeweled, this game plays in a bezel and is Windows Mobile 2005 compatible.
$14.95, by Astraware

At the moment, myDoomCE is the only version of Doom to work on the C550. Quoting from the all-knowing Wikipedia, Doom is "a first-person shooter computer game produced by id Software and first released for the PC/DOS platform as shareware on December 10, 1993. Remarkable for its then-advanced 3D graphics and intense gameplay, Doom provided an evolutionary step from id Software's previous game, Wolfenstein 3D, and established itself as a genre-defining title."

Getting it going on the Smartphone is a bit tricky, but help is at hand with this excellent guide from CoolSmartphone - it's even full screen, if a little squashed. ;-)

Controls are joystick for movement, "*" for fire, "#" for use, and "9"replaces "Y" for yes.
Freeware (shareware maps are available), by Roozbeh

Dreamway is a "top-view arcade racing game with cartoon-like graphics, console look and feel." The controls on the C550 (using the joystick) are a bit twitchy, but it's a knack and you soon pick it up.

There appears to be at the time of writing a problem with the setup file from Handango, causing ActiveSync to kick up a fuss. You need to copy the CAB from the Dreamway folder located in your ActiveSync directory to your C550, and run it from there.
$14.95, by Handy Entertainment

Eclipse: First Wave
"Eclipse: First Wave is the the first in a series of three high octane shoot-em-up's, inspired by years of classic arcade shooter action, and now updated to use the strengths of the Microsoft platform to bring the most stunning Smartphone game to date. Pilot one of two different ships through wave after wave of enemies, across 7 varied levels through space and across landscapes."

According to this MoDaCo thread, Eclipse now works on the C550 in full screen. However, the trial version runs in three quarters size, and as the developers refused to give me a full copy I can't say for certain whether it will play full screen.
$12.95, by Alien Invention

Joe's Treasure Quest
Available only to Orange Customers, Joe's Treasure Quest is a technically very impressive game which shows off the full capabilities of the C550. A trial version of the game is included on the 128MB MiniSD card supplied with the phone.

"So you're Joe, and you have complete control of him, from a first person perspective, turning, walking forwards and backwards and jumping when the need arises. Your quest takes you along rickety paths with vertigo-inducing falls on either side, the idea being to collect all the gold coins on each level and then make your way to the exit (painted like a target)." It has to be downloaded from Orange, so I'd recommend using pass through on your PC to avoid GPRS charges.
£5.00, by Orange (download it from Orange World)

Pocket Mini Golf 2
Pocket Mini Golf 2 is the follow-up to the original Pocket Mini Golf, with this new version adding plenty of new features including mulitplayer, and, of course, support for the C550. It features a "massive variety of holes, including fairways, rough, sand pits, beaches, loads of interesting objects to negotiate and much much more..."

Also available is a selection of expansion packs such as Winter Wonderland, Fire Island, and Lost Island.
$19.95, by Momentum Games

SmartPairs is a simple memory game for the C550, with the added advantages of being both free and using animated images for the memory pairs.
Freeware, by

Another excellent port by Muff, this time of the never-aging classic Space Invaders. Like SPVman, this game adds a bezel to the screen, much like the Pocket PC version.

To install, unzip both files into a directory on your phone, and run from there with File Manager, or create a shortcut in your Games folder.
Freeware, by Muff

A faithful port of the original Pacman to the SPV. This link is to a beta build, but it appears to be stable and works just fine on my C550. The play area itself is 176x220, but the developer has taken this into account and added a border. Well worth downloading.

Please note that the file may not stay up for long as it appears Namco has already requested that it be removed from other areas of MoDaCo.
Freeware, by Muff

Super Slyder
According to the blurb, Super Slyder features "over 200 mind-boggling mazes with a full tutorial to show you how to play. Guide Slyder by using your stylus or directional keys. Just press the thumbpad in one direction and Slyder is off and running. But be careful. Once Slyder starts moving he will continue in that direction until he is stopped by an obstacle or the edge of the maze. This colorful, fun puzzle game is easy to start, but so addictive you won't want to put it down."
$19.95, by Astraware

Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle game which uses 7 geometric pieces that form a square. From these 7 puzzle pieces several geometric shapes can be formed. All that is required is a little imagination!

This game is written using VB.NET Compact Framework. Included in the game are almost a hundred puzzles to solve and more to come.

I haven't tried this game personally, but I'm assured it works in full screen mode.
Freeware, by

Valentin Iliescu Chess
Valentin Iliescu Chess is a powerful chess game supporting both single and multiplayer (via the Internet) play. It has six difficulty levels, a full understanding of the chess moves, and is under 200KB in size.
Freeware, by Valentin Iliescu

Wolfenstein 3D
Wolfenstein 3D is widely acknowledged to be the first 3D first person shooter game. This port by the famous Roozbeh has been updated to take into account the C550's QVGA screen and, I'm delighted to report, works great. There are two .exe files in the RAR archive - use SmartWolf3d_f.exe to run the full version of the game. A shareware package is available here.
Freeware (original copy needed), by Roozbeh



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