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Clay Shooting

Another great looking game has just been announced from Astraware. Platypus is a side-scrolling shoot-em-up with somewhat unique graphics - its all moulded in clay!

Your mission is to pilot your trusty Platypus and save peaceful Mungola! Fly across the squashy fields and trees, avoid the snowy mountains and protect your planet. Shoot down the enemy ships and marvel as they disappear in a splat! Collect fruit bonuses and a range of power-ups to aid you in your quest!

Platypus is a fantastic, fun arcade game featuring 4 massive worlds each with several challenging levels. It's the perfect casual game for arcade gamers and the perfect arcade game for casual gamers!


Perfectly moulded or cracked pot? Download the demo or purchase a copy from the Astraware website and find out. The full version usually costs $19.95, although seems to be currently on offer for $14.95

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Wild Wild WestWard

Astraware have just been in touch to announce their latest game Westward, a sharp-shootin' strategy game, set in the wild west.


Based on the highly acclaimed PC game by Sandlot Games, Westward offers many hours of absorbing game play as you guide your townsfolk in making camp, collecting valuable resources, seeing-off dangerous bandits, and building their communities.

As you progress through Westward, you'll explore 4 different locations over more than 20 levels as your hopeful citizens set up towns and seek their fortune in the Old Wild West. With over 25 types of building you'll customize your town and attract new citizens whilst completing a range of side tasks and chasing down the Mad Russian to bring him to justice.

Westward has been optimized for smartphones and PDAs and can be controlled using 5-way, key controls or stylus. The game is available for Palm OS® devices with hi-res screens and for Windows Mobile® touchscreen and non-touchscreen phones and PDAs running WM2003, 2003SE, 5 & 6, priced $19.95.

To download a trial or to purchase, visit

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More Discounts!

I've just had an email that the former has now been merged into the new and improved software store.

To celebrate, are offering 20% off all orders until the 10th Oct (they have a good selection of Smartphone games available!)

To take advantage of this offer you just need to make your purchase from the pocketgear website, and enter the code "WELCOME" at the checkout, and it'll be 20% cheaper!

In addition they are offering a free copy of the game Crazy Daisy to participants of their customer survey.

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Astraware price Fall

Astraware have just been in touch to announce that they are having a 25% off fall sale on a massive selection of mobile games.

If you're after some fun mobile games for a good price then this is an offer you should definately check out! See the full list of discounts at the Astraware website!

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Sea what you're looking for?

Astraware have just been in touch to announce their latest game, their first in partnership with Big Fish Games. If you've ever "read" a Where's Wally? book then you'll understand Hidden Expedition: Titanic. The game sees you searching for objects in the sunken titanic, against a timer, and looks like it could make a great mobile game. A press released extract follows...

"Players hunt for hidden objects within the wreckage during 14 diving missions, ultimately leading to the final prize: The Crown Jewels. Based on the best-selling PC game, Hidden Expedition: Titanic for handhelds features the same stunning graphics and atmosphere of the original. Players have the choice of using the intuitive five-way control scheme or the stylus to find a variety of artifacts hidden within the sunken ship.

"Astraware has proven time and again to deliver only the highest quality games," added Paul Handelman, VP of Business Development for Big Fish Games. "We're proud to lead the introduction of hidden-object games to the handheld market with them. We're confident that this is only the tip of the iceberg for us, so to speak."


If you can forgive that awful pun by Paul Handelman, then head on over to the Astraware website to download a demo or purchase the full version (at $19.95) The game is available for Smartphones, Pocket PCs and PALM handhelds.

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More Sudoku...

If you're STILL addicted to sudoku then a smartphone version is probably will ensure you're never far from it! Astraware have just been in touch to advise that their version has been updated to add a raft of new features, details below...

Astraware Sudoku,version 1.40, has been given a full makeover. Behind the scenes the game has been transferred to a brand new games framework, and graphically has an updated look and support for more new resolutions, as well as some brand new features.

Suitable for all players from beginners through to experts, Astraware Sudoku is packed with features.

There are several ways to get puzzles: from the pre-built puzzle packs available at; by using the integrated Puzzle Builder which creates literally billions of puzzles; or download any of the Puzzles of the Day over the air and then compare your times with other players worldwide. Players can also play puzzles from newspapers or books they've entered and get Astraware Sudoku's expert help and assistance to solve them.

Astraware Sudoku offers a range of different options to help players solve puzzles including manual or automatic pencilmarks in a choice of styles; a smart hints system; and the brand new hold and highlight system which can display an overlay for a specific number or pencilmark helping players to see where to look and what to look for. In touchscreen devices there's the added bonus of the notepad overlay, allowing players to make their own pencilmarks and notes on screen too.

Following requests from existing users, Astraware Sudoku version 1.40 now includes an extensive Puzzle Manager which allows players to select a specific puzzle to play, or delete puzzles they've already completed.

The game also offers a choice of control methods where players can move around and enter numbers using the 5-way, number keys, stylus and touchscreen, keyboard shortcuts, or any combination of these, so you can play it the way you want to.

Astraware Sudoku is available for Palm OS 5.0, and Windows Mobile 2003, 2003SE, 5 and 6 Classic (Pocket PC), Professional (Phone Edition) and Standard (Smartphone), priced $19.95. The game is available at a very special price to Club Astraware members during August 2007. Version 1.40 is a free update for registered owners of Astraware Sudoku and is available from The existing version of Astraware Sudoku for Palm OS4 will continue to be available from the Astraware website.


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Spring Sale at Astraware

Now that its spring, and not permanently raining any more (I actually got the BBQ out last weekend) you might be away from your computer more often (hey its possible isn't it?) Luckily you can still get your gaming fix if you've got your Smartphone with you, and Astraware have just announced a Spring Sale, which means for the next 2 weeks you can fill it with games at knock down prices.

Head on over to the Astraware Web Site for details of the savings!


Also worth mentioning is that Astraware are now accepting PayPal as a means of payment - handy for those of you without credit cards!

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BBC Mobile Gaming Analysis

The BBC has posted an article describing some of the challenges faced by developers of mobile phone games, and an analysis of the future of mobile gaming.

"While many believe mobile gaming is on the brink of exploding into the mainstream, the industry faces unique challenges in fulfilling its potential."

Have a read of the article here

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Astraware to bring games to Mobile Linux

Astraware have just been in touch to announce that they will be extending the range of platforms their games are available on to include mobile linux, starting with Astraware Sudoku and Solitaire.

A press release extract follows below:

Astraware Announces Support for Mobile Linux and Joins ACCESS Connect Ecosystem Global Partner Program

THE MIDLANDS, UK - February 19th, 2007 - Astraware is excited to announce their first steps toward support of an additional mobile platform for their range of PDA and Smartphone games. The company has been working on updates to its own core technology library to enable its games to run on Linux� based mobile platforms, and the first fruits of this labor, running under an early SDK and hardware, have recently been demonstrated by ACCESS Co, Ltd at 3GSM in Barcelona, Spain.

Astraware also announced it has joined the ACCESS Connect Ecosystem (ACE) Global Partner Program as a charter member. ACCESS' recently announced ACE partner program is designed to create an ecosystem of world-class partners that will unleash the potential of the digital life generation by driving development and adoption of new mobile and converged technologies and solutions.

"Extending our platform support is a key part of our strategy." said Howard Tomlinson, CEO of Astraware. "We see mobile Linux as being an extremely important part of the industry over the coming year, and we're aiming Astraware to be the games provider of choice for this platform. As a charter member of the ACE program, we're taking a lead in the growth of the mobile Linux community."

"We are delighted to be able to continue our long-standing partnership with Astraware," said Larry Berkin, Senior Director, Developer Ecosystem & Technology Acquisition for ACCESS. "Astraware's games are incredibly popular and are an excellent addition to any mobile device. We are pleased that they have been able to assist us in these early stages of the platform development, so that we are confident a range of great quality software will be ready when the platform launches. We are also pleased to welcome them as charter members of the ACCESS Connect Ecosystem global partner program."

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Merry Christmas!

I'd just like to wish all our visitors a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, however you choose to celebrate it.

See you all in the new year wink.gif

- James

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